• Fight Out is a new initiative that aims to motivate users to engage in physical exercise and improve their fitness by providing incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
• The platform allows users to select the fitness goals they want to achieve and which portions of their bodies to work on and then creates workout programs tailored to these objectives.
• Fight Out lets users monitor several of their vitals – sleep, dietary intake, etc. and earns them REPS tokens as they progress.

Fight Out is a revolutionary new fitness platform that is changing the way users exercise and get in shape. It uses a combination of incentives, tailored fitness programs, and tracking metrics to make sure users achieve their fitness goals in a timely and effective manner.

The platform is built around motivating users to stay in shape and offering rewards for their hard work. Through the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Fight Out incentivizes users to work hard and hit their goals. Every time a user successfully completes a fitness challenge, they are rewarded with the platform’s in-app currency, REPS. These tokens can be used to purchase items in the store, sign up for the platform’s subscription service, or unlock exclusive content.

Fight Out also provides users with the ability to create personalized fitness programs that are tailored to their individual goals. By selecting which parts of their bodies they want to work on, the platform can create a program that is specifically designed to help them reach their goals. It also offers users the ability to monitor different vitals such as sleep, dietary intake, and other metrics in order to get a better view of their overall health.

The platform is currently in its pre-sale phase, having raised nearly $3 million in capital. With its unique approach to fitness, Fight Out is setting itself up to be the next big platform for empowering users to take control of their health and fitness. Whether it’s through the use of incentives, tailored programs, or tracking metrics, Fight Out is sure to be a leader in the move to earn industry for years to come.

Get Fit & Get Rewarded: Fight Out Rewards You For Getting Healthy